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Featured artist of August: Memory Howell

Hello blogging friends :)

It is time for the featured artist interview of August. This time our featured artist is fairy artist Memory Howell.
I must say I just adore the color and amount of details Memory puts in each of her paintings.
Memory also shares one of her fairy stories with us.

Tell us about yourself, who you are and what kind of artist you are?

I'm a self taught fantasy and fairy artist and story teller of the fay since 2010. I am mixed media artist and 98 %  of my art is done in watercolor and rest in ink and colored pencils. I started sharing my art on Facebook and started a fairy page on there called "Fairies of Memory". I was born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana then spent fifteen years in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and now reside in Columbus, Ohio area.

How did you start your artist career?

On Facebook I was offered several contracts and was honored to be seen in three different magazines trough Facebook. I now have my art on craft stamps, cakes, cloths, psp tubes, art sites, blogs, interviews and various merchandise. Facebook can be a wonderful tool for artist but read your contracts as well, ask questions of other artists and do your homework before signing.

What are the things that inspire you? Do you have message in your art?

Of all things that inspire me I would say Nature. The trees, mushrooms, fiddle ferns, cobwebs, stars, moon, wooded paths, all of nature calls the imagination to be drawn and incorporated in to the Fairy World of drawing and story writing. A rose petal can become a fairy hat, a little leaf and vine can be fairy shoe, dandelions can become dandelion tea, dewdrops can grace a fairy gown ect. The ideas are limitless with nature as your inspiration. 

I do have a message in my art and stories that is that I hope to use the fairies to spread love and kindness to others.

Any advice for starting artists?

I would say to practice drawing every day. Pick a subject that you love to sketch, make it yours, and be known for your style. Pick good quality art materials, it makes a big difference in your work. Be vigilant in accepting contracts, join other art groups to pick up tips and make friends with other artists.

I use Holbein watercolors and archival micron ink pens on 140lb. cold press paper but when I can find it I prefer 200lb. Never listen to negative nellies that your art isn't good, listen to your heart and draw, draw, draw. If you had seen my first fairy you would have died laughing.

If you could be any fantasy character what would you like to be?

I would absolutely want to be a fairy. I could dance on stars, have a pouch of fairy dust, spread magic, have a magical tree house, fly up and visit the moon, sip dandelion tea on a mushroom and talk to birds and other animals. Well, the things I could do as a fairy would be magical and let's not forget the fairy wings, how beautiful they are and the places they could take me.... to be a fairy would be lifetime magic. 

Where can we find your works?

Sadly at this time I have no website to lists as it is down for repairs. However you can always find my art and stories on my "Fairies of Memory" Facebook page.

My other Facebook page is "Everything Fairy"

My art can be found on these magazines too:
Fairy World Magazine
Beyond Fantasy Magazine
Angels and Fairies Magazine

I am show on deviant art, Art Collaboration, The Fairy Poet, HP Toy, Artist Corner, Cruzines, etc..and other merchandise too.

One of Memory's stories:

Twilight in the woods of enchantment
The crickets dressed in brown and green, tune their fiddles preparing to sing, while the airy twilight fairies dance on spider web paths. tilting toe and gathering skirts they dance and twirl in the last remaining sunbeams of pearl. Ladybugs bow and smile with glee , happy to share a dance with thee. Evening shadows and glimmering lights gather  in tree boughs here and there as twilights hour gathers close, the fairies love this time the most.   by Memory Howell ©

Thank you so much for sharing your Fairy art and stories Memory. They shore bring happiness and inspirations to all the viewers and readers.

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Hello Blogging friends

Did you saw the "Super moon" yesterday?

I tried to took some pictures but they all came out quite blurry. Sky was quite cloudy. 
Moon was beautiful.

I have Mandala painting course coming up in the end of August so I painted moon zen tangle mandala to decorate the poster I made to advertise the course.

I've painted new fairies that I haven't posted here yet.

Here is fairy inspired by the theme "under the moon".
Painted with watercolors and acrylics.
Model was this lovely lady.

Some inspirational moon music
Blackmore's Night of course has huge variety of moon themed songs :)

Then I jumped into Steam punk world. 
Here is my first Steam punk Fairy.
She is waiting for her mechanical dragon to arrive.

I had fun time painting this one.
I used black tea, felt tipped pencils, colored pencils, watercolors and acrylics.

I submit these to paint party friday :)

You can now buy some of my digital stamps from Squigglefly.

I got some blog links with finished cards. They look so beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by
Much love and light

lauantai 26. heinäkuuta 2014

Hot Pink Mermaids And Forest Green Fairies

Hello blogging friends!

I hope you all are doing good. It's been so hot lately that I've spent most of my time in the beach. Either swimming, sun bathing, painting or sketching.

"Mermaid  art Journal"

Remember my mermaid -art journal?

I continued working on a new spread. Inspiration avenue - theme this week is "hot pink summer sizzle".
What a great chance to paint a mermaid with  hot pink hair.

"Mermaid art journal"

"Mermaid art journal"

I added some "mermaid-ish" quotes to the paintings:

"I have sea foam in my veins
I understand the language of the waves"

Creative Tuesday - challenge this week is "red balloon"
My balloons are bubbles 
and I end up painting bubbles to the next spread.

"The Sea once it casts its spell
holds one in its net of wonder forever"
-Jacques Cousteau

... so very true

"Mermaid journal"

I haven't been on the beach all the time.
I've also enjoyed time in the garden

So many great colors in the summer nature. 
Yellow, orange, gold, red, green, sepia...

Here is my latest fairy:

"Laugh in the woods"

Watercolor background and all the drawings done with felt-tipped pencils.

I'm now busy with a children book project and  I hope to share some lovely illustrations with you within next months.

I love this song from Faun 
there are fairies laughing :)


Fairy wishes

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Featured artist of July: Aida Castellano from GoblinsandFairys

Hello blogging friends :)

It's time for the July's interview. Our featured artist of July is Aida Castellano. I'm very exited especially since she is the first doll-artist in this series of interviews.
I've seen Aida's dolls in Etsy many times and I love how all her creatures and characters have very different personalities.

Please tell us about yourself and what kind of artist you are?

Hello Everybody! My name is Angela but I sign myself as Aida. I was born in Genoa (Italy) in 1984. I'm a scene painter, set and costume designer. I remember that already when I was a child, I went to my mother and said to her: "I need to create something but I don't know what". I still remember that sensation. It was so frustrating because the need was so big and I was not able to find the right way to express myself. I'm a multifaceted artist and I'm able to use many techniques and many materials, probably this is why, when I was a child, I was not always fulfill using just pencils, tempera or modeling clay. 

How did you started your artistic career?

Work in the theater was really great, you are always stimulated, and at any experience you can learn something new from others. It was really helpful for upgrading my artistic skills.

I still remember the exact moment when I decided to create my first fairy
The sister of my boyfriend at that time, was teaching in decoupage course, I was sitting at the same table and I was working some puppets for the theater play. I still remember the amount of appreciation that came for my work. She was speaking with her students how much she loved collecting fairies. Christmas was coming... and the fairy was done!

Of course most people would have thought of buying one of those classic fairies in resin. The problem is that I never liked them!
I love fairies and elves, I also bought several of them, but I am very picky and selective, I thought I could do something better and create something truly unique. I've always seen those reproductions too much cold, without care and attention. I decided to work with the details, to make her warm, alive!
Over time I created other fairies, elves and other characters of the little people always tried to keep them as much as possible linked to nature, with elegant and floral dresses and earth colors. I know that is one of the things that  many of my customers appreciate..

The Idea of selling them was born during a trip to Ireland, the land of Sidhe, where the little people live. Several shops showed interest on my work and there came the first orders. Following the success I moved to Ireland where I lived for two years. From Ireland I started the business on Etsy and started to collaborate with some of the pagan shops and introducing new products in my shop.

You can say that the name of the store was born itself.
For many it might seem that there is a spelling mistake, but it's not. The inspiration comes from a text:
"a song sung dismally by a ghost" from "What d'ye call it: A Treagi-Comi-Pastoral France" by Mr.Gay - Volume 3 The world of Fairys, in addition, unlike "Fairies" or "Faeries" more common and used, also with search engines.

What are the things that inspire you? do you have message in your art?

For me creating these objects really has something magical and I feel that when I'm creating them that I'm in an enchanted forest  in perfect harmony. I think that each object is the most beautiful and unique of it's kind, the antagonist of mass production and to disposable. Trough them I want to bring the pleasure of that forest in to your home. Also as a stage and costume designer, I think that each object, as well as being well designed and aesthetically beautiful, it must be especially well done.

As an artist I look for inspiration and innovation, something unspeakable and unexpected, that can give emotions.
I work a lot on the details, because I know that they are what makes them so special. There  is a great culture about fairies and I love to follow it. Especially if linked to the Celtic culture. In all my puppets you will find a lot of little details that will remind you something about the legend of Celtic divinity. They always have something more of what you can see at the first moment and they perfectly reflect their nature. You will have the one that brings luck to your life (Leprechauns) , or strength (like Werewolves), happiness and protection (like Fairies) or bit of zest (like Spriggans or Goblins).

I can't say what makes me to create, I just have a need to create. I can see something interesting and I get lot's of ideas to my mind, like if the fairies come to whisper my ears how they want to be created. My dream is to be able to work one day for some big animation company. "Labyrinth" and the "dark Chrystal" movies have always been great sources of inspiration.

Any advice for starting artists?

Never stop experimenting, increase your cultural awareness, be curious and investigate all that surrounds you. Do not be afraid of being judged for your eccentricities and do not let the opinions of other hinder you. Do not loose your heart of failure, it's always a one step more in your "personal luggage".
Let your mind flow and be open to inspiration, don't miss your path and be focused on your goals.

Thank you so much Aida for this great interview. After reading your thoughts I'm very eager to try doll making myself. You're great inspiration to us all!

Here you can find more about Aida's dolls and her projects:

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What makes a pig and other artistic ramblings

"What makes a pig"

Morning blogging friends :)

As I promised on my last post here are some of my latest creations.

I thought it was a fun theme but I had problems to decide what to come up with it.
Then I remembered my old drawing called "what makes a cat". It's a technique that helps the artist to approach the subject.

Basically you chop the subject into little pieces and then you make tons of variations with it. 
This is extremely good especially when you're deciding what kind of characters you wish to create.

All these things makes a pig :)

-curly tail
-pointy ears
-small eyes
- Snout
- skin shades peach/orange/pink

I'm keeping a book binding course in the end of July.

Here are some examples of books I've done using Coptic stitch.
Now I have 6 pieces of book covers drying and waiting to be bidden.

What is your favorite?
I might add some of them to my Etsy -shop also.

I link all these to Paint Party Friday. Be shore to check all the talented artists there.

I'm of for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong cycling trip today. 25 km there and back again.
Wish me luck

Much love light and creativity

torstai 26. kesäkuuta 2014

Show and tell

"Mist maiden"

Hello blogging friends!!!

I hope you all are doing great. I've been busy with the art exhibition and making new products to my etsy-shop. I shall add pics of my new creations on my next post.

It's show and tell week on Inspiration avenue.  I submit these artworks to Paint Party Friday also.
Above you can see my latest painting called "Mist maiden". She was born from finish mythology.
"Utuneito" (mist maiden) is a ghostly character that lives in the ponds and lakes. On misty days you can see her dancing and singing above the water.

I love how the painting came out. Lately I've been doing lot's of paintings with wet-on-wet technique.

"Far far away"

This unicorn I created just for the art exhibition. Title comes from a Blackmore's Night song "Far far away".

"M is for Mahandra"

Last but not least my newest addition to my Fairy-Monogramm - series. 
M is for Mahandra.

I'm working with N right now :) Soon they are all done wohoo!! and I can start a new project :)))

It's international Pride-week this week!!

I just saw "Some like it hot" again :)
Do you remember these lines from the fabulous film?

"Osgood! We can't get married at all"
"Why not?"
"Well.. in a first place I'm not a natural blonde"
"It doesn't matter"
"I smoke I smoke all the time"
"I don't care"
"I have a terrible past. For three years I've been living with a saxophone player"
"I forgive you"
"I can never have children"
"We can adopt some"
"You don't understand Osgood... I'm a man"
"Well ... nobody's perfect"

-Some like it hot

Gay Marriages aren't still allowed in Finland (we are so behind from all the rest of Scandinavian countries)

but I believe that things are going to change soon.

Much love and light

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Featured artist of June: Renee Lavoie

Please introduce yourself. Who you are and what kind of artist you are?

I am a self-taught artist currently working out of home studio in Killingworth, CT. Happily marriend and I have 13 year old son and two fur kids.

I have always been artistic since as far back as I can remember I've had a pencil in my hand. I have always loved fantasy art. It was a safe place for me to temporarily escape the real world and create anything without rules or restrictions.

"Eira" (c) Renee Lavoie

How did you started your artistc career/hobby? What are your artistic dreams?

I first started my career painting furniture and it was fun but not what I truly wanted to do. So I began drawing and painting fairies. Looking back on my creations I can't believe how far I've come but still far from where I want to be. I am absolutely my own worst critic.

"Frustration" (c) Renee Lavoie

"Shona Fae" (c) Niina Niskanen

What are things that inspire you to create? Do you have message in your art?

I am inspired by life experiences and people that have come into my life some of which have departed this world way too soon. I have vivid colorful dreams that often inspire my work and music. When I listen to music it floods my mind with so many ideas.
 I have panic and anxiety so I notice when I'm feeling trapped or anxious I tend to paint webs in my work
or eyes that drip color.

"Touched by the sun" (c) Renee Lavoie

Any advice and tips for starting artists?

My advice to starting artists would be to stay true to your style, don't compare yourself to other artists, and don't give up on your dreams!

Thank you Renee for this great interview and sharing your gorgeous paintings.
You can find Renee's artworks on these on-line shops and galleries:

If you enjoyed reading this interview be shore to check these past interviews:


I've been a guest blogger in a great animal blog Pawsitively Pets. is now published on the blog. I tell my experiences on that how animals can give great artistic inspiration and creative boost to your life.
You can read it here :)

Special thanks for the blog owner Ann :) She has lot's of good tips to all those who have furry friends.

Much love and light