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Fairy Tarot - deck process

wip - six of wands

Hello blogging world

I've been working with my fairy tarot - deck lately.
 Above you can see work in process- of the "six of wands".
I hope to finish it soon.

There is show and tell - week on Inspiration Avenue so I thought to write about ideas in my fairy deck.

  "ten of pentacles".
Card of fulfillment, wealthy and achieved goals.

This fairy tarot- deck of mine is based on elemental symbols (and fairies).
There are five main elements to represent nature and spiritual aspects about ourselves.

- water
- earth
- fire
- air
- energy (spirit)

Each tarot deck artist have their own way of creating cards and using symbols. 
I'm using the traditional tarot - symbols:

cups - water
pentacles - earth
wands - fire
swords - air

Water / cups 
Water is element of emotions and feelings. So pretty much all the fairies in the cups cards - will be related to water. 
I just had a lecture earlier last week about watercreatures in world mythology. It was very facinating how much folklore and tales there are related to water and waterareas and pretty much all the mythological creatures connected with water many of them have been concidered emotionless and also dangerous. Mostly because humans have had (and quote often still has) very mixed feelings to water. Element that is hard to get connected with because we can't breath underwater.

Pentacles/ earth
Pentacles are talismans made to protect their users from evil spirits. Before industrial times pentacles were made from clay, iron and wood. All the materials you can get on earth. Now of course they can be made from pretty much any material.

Wands/ Fire
Fire cards represent strength, determination, spirituality, ambition and the sparkling energy of life in each one of us and around us.
As a symbol trought history wands and staffs have represented power. Still today different kinds of wands are used in ceremonies. Also wands and sticks are used to help to give lenght and support for walking.

Swords / Air
Sword cards are associated with action, change, force, power, conflicts and courage. Air is the element of thoughts and thinking.  The suit of swords in mental level  symbolises the fine balance between intellect and power and how these two elements can be used.
Some people recon themselves to belong to certain element (earth person, water person etc.)

Idea of horoscopes is based on elements





I'm a virgo so I'm an earth-person and I must say it's very fitting to my personality. Human of course is sum of many things. If one of the elements speaks to you more than other I think you can call it to your main element.

I think I had my first experience with fairy realm when I was a young girl. Traditionally we don't have "fairies" in Finnish mythology and folklore. We do have big ammount of different kinds of natures spirits, fairy-like creatures and lot's of pure nature here.

I think I made my first fairy- themed paintings and drawings when I was 15 or 16. I just had joined some of the art communities on internet (elfwood, deviantart) and saw so much beautiful and inspiring fantasy art. Other place I could find them was my collection of fairy tale & fantasy books.

I've been painting fairies ever since. Of course I paint many other things too but I concider fairies as my spiritual guide. 

Often I get asked how I see fairies and how it is possible to see fairies. Last question it's impossible for me to answer because they appear different to each person. Some people attract them more than others.

"Blue dreams"
One of my first fairy paintings

I've seen fairies and felt their presence. While meditating in nature I have seen these light balls around me and sometimes I've also heard laughter and tiny bells ringing. Quite easily I get the feeling what kind is this fairy that is communicating with me. Sometimes they are sad, sometimes happy and playful. That feeling I get inspires me to paint them.

Love Light


sunnuntai 26. lokakuuta 2014

World is abstract... or is that art?

Hello blogging world!

I hope everyone are doing great. We got first snow few days ago here in northern Finland. It's always so intriguing and magical to wake up in the morning and see the all the nature covered in snow.

I joined a great Finnish art challenge called "Teemakuun taidetta".
October mission is to create 9 abstract artworks.

I must say abstract art hasn't never really opened up for me so this challenge is good opportunity to do some "abstract research".

Abstract art 1 and 2 

I started to fulfill my new artjournal with abstract art.
Rubber stamps/ acrylics/ watercolors experimenting the first two pages.

"It's raining spiders"

Abstract art 3 & 4 
Practising with acrylics and salt patterns on the next pages.
Ice and frozen nature are keywords here.


Inspiration Avenue- challenge this week was favorite artist.
I have so many favorite artists so I decided to focus my favorite abstract artist.

I've always enjoyed paintings of Franz Marck. He was a german print maker & painter. One of the key figures of expressionist art movement. I really like his animal paintings. So full with colors and energy.
Franz Marc : "Blue horses"
Franz Marc: "The Fox" 

Abstract Art 5

Here is my journal spread inspired by Marc's paintings. 
This one I named "Blue horses in the sun".

I think I'm now starting to understand what abstract art is about and it is  related to the eternal meaning of art.
 What is art? what is the meaning of art?
All these questions are very abstract. I think Picasso was right when he said "there is no point explaining art. You can only understand it trough visual experience".

For me purpose of art is to raise thougths
As it's best art can be inspirational  not neccesarily to create new art but inspire you to be more curious and observing about the world

Artworks linked to:

I had interesting lecture earlier this week. Another blog post about that coming up tomorrow.
Thank you for visiting


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Featured Artists of October : Joanna Bromley

Hello blogging world :)

Time for monthly featured artist interview. October Artist is Joanna Bromley.
I adore Joanna's detailed style of illustration and lovely way of using colors.
Let's hear about the artist behind these beautiful artworks.

"Autumn Faery Witch"
7x10 (18x26cm)
Acrylics on watercolours on Lanaquarelle hot pressed paper
(c) Joanna Bromley

Tell us about yourself who you are and what kind of artist you are?

 I am a British self taught artist & illustrator based in Munich, Germany and specialize in the detailed floral, wildlife and whimsical fairy/fantasy art for children and for all children art heart.  My main mediums of use are watercolours and coloured pencils but I also work with  markers and acrylics.
"Magical tunes"
8 x 11
watercolours and colored pencils on hot pressed paper
(c) Joanna Bromley 

How did you started your artistic hobby/career?

I was always drawing, since I watched my mother draw for  me and my brother as little children and have never stopped. In school I was always sketching and doodling, during class, out of it and on my long bus journey home ect. It was always clear that art was my path so I applied to art college in England at The Surry Institute of Art & Design where I studied for my BTEC Diploma in General Art & Design and went on to study Visual Communications. I was introduced to so many art forms it was hard to choose a specific path, so I dabbled in the lot. But drawing and creating visual stories and new worlds is what spoke me the most, even before college, so I concentrated fully on my illustration career. 

"Pink pearl"
5 x7 (13 x 18 cm)
Watercolours, ink, colored pencils and gold powder on hot press paper
(c) Joanna Bromley

What are the things that inspire you?

I always found my inspiration form all story telling sources, starting with my Mum when she read from colourful nursery rhymes and fairy tale books, all the way to reading up on Myth and Folklore from around the world. Movies, music and nature also play an important role in transporting me to other worlds and getting my imagination running wild. I always admired the fantasy/fairy art of Arthur Rackham, Beatrix Potter and any of the English Golden Age Artists and Pre Raphaelites art work.

 "The last candle"
8x 10 (20 x 25 cm)
Watercolours and white acrylic on Lanaquarelle hot pressed paper
(c) Joanna Bromley

Do you have a message in your art?

I don't usually plan on a specific message in my art. I do however like to convey emotions with both use of colour and lots of details. I LOVE details in art work, I find they can suck a viewer into a painting and you always discover more to look at. Being able to do that gives people a visual story to looka t, which they can interpret in any way they wish. When I work on my own art I paint with my heart, so to speak. Depending on my mood or whatever inspired me at the moment, I may use a specific colour, animal or season to sink myself into. If I have comissions, I naturally take note of personal requests, and try to find a happy balance.
 I like to think my very own work transports people into a little happy magical bubble. That childhood memories are brought back and that my work may inspire others as other artists have inspired me.

"Season's change"
8x10 (20x 25cm)
Watercolours and ink on Bristol board
(c) Joanna Bromley

Where can we find your works?

"Spring calling"
9x12 (24x32cm)
watercolours and colored pencils on hot press Lanaquarelle
(c) Joanna Bromley

Thank you so much Joanna for participating to this series of interviews. Much success on your way.

If you enjoyed this interview you might also enjoy previous featured artists interviews

Fairy wishes

sunnuntai 5. lokakuuta 2014

Fairies and pumpkins

It's officially autumn since I started to make pumpkin carvings.

This weekend I've been baking pumpkin pie and finished some paintings.

Creative Tuesday - Challenge theme this week is "pumpkin pie"
and Inspiration Avenue is words. 

Lately I've been having some interesting conversations with my friends (from Finland and abroad) about languages and favorite words.

I think my favorite Finnish word is "Auringonkehrä" that means "Sun circle". 
I started a new art journal that you can see above and I wrote some of my favorite words there

Puu - Tree
Aurinko - Sun
Näkinkenkä - Sea shell
Kurpitsa - Pumpkin
Nauru - Laughter
Laulu - Song
Kuutamo - Moon
Pilvi - Cloud

What is your favorite word?

"Four of cups"

I finally got to continue with my Fairy Tarot - deck.

Four of Cups. Shows a waterfairy
Four of cup meanings : finding balance, meditation, self-acceptance
model: Ciara

"The Moon"

Moon tarot card has many meanings such imagination, psychic abilities, divination, intuition,
romance and femininity.

Model: Sini 

Thanks for stopping by

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September show and tell

Hello blogging friends!

This Autumn has given lot's of inspiration and I've also kept some break from my laptop and social media.

Due to that pretty much all my challenge- entries are late but better late than never.
Inspiration Avenue has "Show and Tell" - week.

Here is my newest

 "Autumn whispers"

Painted with watercolors, acrylics and glitter.

Previous inspiration avenue - theme was about artistic influences. So I thought to share some of my artistic influences.

For this particular artwork my biggest inspiration (beside all the beautiful autumn nature around me)
was Disney's Fantasia and the "Nutcracker ballet - scene"

I love love love Disney's concept art.
Always so inspirational 

and I love fairies <3>

I've also been drawing some apples ... this one I did for the creative tuesdays -theme that was
"red apple"

.. and I painted some boxes.

This black cat heart box is on sale here. 

All artworks I also share at Paint Party Friday

Some more important news to tell.. I'm applying to UK to continue my illustrating studies and if I get accepted I'll start there in semester 2015 so fingers crossed everyone that people there like my portfolio.

Much love and light

sunnuntai 14. syyskuuta 2014

Featured artist of September: Sieskja

Hello blogging world!

I hope all my readers and fellow artists are doing good in this fine Autumn morning. 
It's time for featured artist of September Jessica Albert also known as Sieskja by her artist name.

I must admit I was blown away when I saw her painting for the first time few years ago. They have same kind grace and details as some master illustrators artworks (John Bauer, Arthur Rackham etc).

Sieskja has her own beautiful style of creating and her artworks takes you away to another world.


Tell us about yourself. Who you are and what kind of artist you are?

I am 21 year old artist based in France. I'm currently studying library science; before that I studied Scandinavian literature, cultures and languages,
My other interests are nature and animals: that's why I love gardening, riding, taking care of abandoned animals (I work as a volunteer in an animal shelter) and that's also why I don't eat meat.

I would like to say that I'm an old fashioned artist. I've got lot's of difficulties to accept contemporary art and digital art.

I'm particularly found of medieval art, Art Noveau, golden age of Illustration and Naive art.

I mostly work with watercolors, lot of salt for making patterns, black/white and sanguine inks. From time to time I paint with acrylics on cardboard or canvas. Though it rather rarely happens and I don't always show the result (especially when it isn't successful!) Acrylics seem to be very difficult to master and I have lot's of things to learn and improve...

I seriously started to paint at the age of 14. The artist who have inspired me the most is doubtless Stephanie Pui Mun Law. Her skills in watercolor and her technique that she explains with so much generosity makes her a wonderful and exceptional artist.

"Rävflickan" (from my own stories) watercolors 2014
(c) Sieskja

How did you started your artistic hobby / career?

Before anything else some anecdotes from my childhood;

When I was a child, my mother used to draw farm animals from pictures of illustrated card game and let me paint over the line art with watercolors. My family moved when I was 4 years old. At school I didn't have any friends at the beginning, then I used to draw with chalk on the schoolyard.
Later (I was 8 years old) I wrote sort of illustrated encyclopedia of fantasy world (in the way of D&D manuals, which I was already reading!) depicting stories, places, animals and dragon species.

My professional career hasn't really started yet..
I've simply being contacted by a couple of authors to illustrate children books but this hasn't been very positively conclusive for some reasons.

Actual illustration world sounds to me very hard to please and insecure and then quite stressful. As a very stressful person. I haven't wanted to base all my professional life on illustration work. I prefer to paint whatever I wish without any constraint or requirements (excepted my owns) which for me is more important for self-fulfillment.

"Beyond the stream" acrylics 2013
(c) Sieskja

What are the things that inspire you? Do you have message in your art?

The most inspiring thing doubtless all that is related to nature. In my  case particularly European landscapes and forests. Actually the backgrounds are most of the time most important elements in my paintings (and that is the part that I look the most in other artists works).

I was born in a very industrialized place (North of France mineral field) where nature has almost disappeared. That's maybe the reason that I love to paint verdant or wild landscapes and gardens and that I dislike drawing urban and even indoor scenes...
I study in a quite big town. All here seems so gray and polluted. Sometimes I feel a bit down because of it but it makes me want to paint more and more fantasy or wild landscapes to make up for that mood. Just like lot of other people, I use art as sublimation : to express my need to escape and to treat my frustration.
"II Ignominia" (Illustration of Olav Audunssön by Sigrid Undset)
Watercolors 2014 (c) Sieskja

I also love sharing my other interests through my paintings; for example, European (and particularly Scandinavian) History and folklore. I especially like traditional fairy tales; by the way I started a collection of old fairy tale books illustrated by artists from the East (Jiří Trnka, Josef Liesler, Karol Ondreička) The most interesting tales are often the lesser known ones.
That's also why I prefer illustrating famous but unknown (at least, very few people of my circle do know them) authors like Sigrid Undset or Selma Lagerlöf (both Nobel prize) instead of increasing  the amount of The Hobbit or A song of ice and fire fan arts (which sadly are most of times based on the movies...)

Just like lot of artists, music is also great source of inspiration. I particularly enjoy folk, pagan and symphonic Metal (bands like Finntroll, Ensiferum, Haggard, Penumbra, Summoning,  Stille Volk, etc...),  classical music (Antonin Dvorak, Edvard Grieg) and progressive rock (Ange).

At last, as I said before, I love horses, They're so graceful, strong but fragile at the same time. And of course they represent freedom and escape...

"Vargar! (Illustration of  Gösta Berlings Saga by Selma Lagerlöf) Ink - 2012
(c) Sieskja

If you could be any fantasy character what would you like to be?

I must admit I have never thought about that question before. Since I love legends related to feminine creatures from another world, like ondines, selkies or hulders, I think I could be one of them.

"Svartsjuk" (from my own stories) - Watercolors - 2013
(c) Sieskja

Any advice for starting artists?

It's always the same thing: draw, paint, learn with tutorials, look at other's artists works...
By the way, I do advice to copy. Some people would cry shame, but since art exist ALL artists (at least, most of them), started with copying. It's a good way to progress. Of course, ask permission and/or credit the references if you want to show your copy online.

To join art community has been for me one of the greatest motivations : to make friends, to share what we're creating and to inspire each others is always a great pleasure.

"The full sheen of glory" (copy of a photograph by Rob Darken from Graveland)
Watercolors -2014 
(c) Sieskja

Where can we find you works?

Thank you so much Sieskja from this great and interesting interview.
I  think your art is very inspirational. I'm very inspired to try more salt patterns :)
About the illustration art I must say that I believe you could do outstanding job illustrating traditional fairy tales or folklore stories. Most illustrators (like me)  they do other jobs and projects among illustrating work. I believe that kind of illustrating project would be very fitting for you (and I'd definitely buy that kind of fairy tale book).
I wish very much luck and success for you.

To all my readers thank you for stopping by
Much love and light

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Dare to call me....

Hello blog world :)

There is a big campaign going on in Finnish social media called "kutsumua" (dare to call me..) against bullying at schools

 It was started by the Finnish college-union.

Idea is to take a picture of yourself and write words to depict :

1.  lockers where bullies try to fit you
2. How you see yourself and how you wish to be seen by others

So this is my "dare to call me.." picture

I've been called:

- f'*****g gay
- loony hippie
- slow
- stupid
- proud
- ugly
- cry baby

I am:


Here is the campaign video:

I was really badly bullied in the elementary school. I consider myself fortunate because I had small circle of friends with me. It would have been very difficult to handle all the bullying if I had been just by myself.

In elementary school I think my biggest problems was that I was very introvert and very scared of performing and I avoided all attention. Quite often people thought I was stupid or slow because my mind wondered a lot and I pretty much drew all the time and didn't always pay attention what was going on at the class or with other students. I was also very sensitive and I easily started to cry when I heard people calling me names or even if I got negative feedback from teachers. That of course gives others impressions of weakness.
It took years to realize that being sensitive can also be a good quality in a person.

I also had habitat to block away all those nasty things people said about me behind my back. In away it was a good thing and helped me to go on.

When I was 15 I started to get panic attacks and pretty much next few years I suffered from deep depression. I had very high fear for socializing and sometimes I was afraid to go to school or even outside.

I no longer suffer from depression but I still can feel anxiety easily. 

Bullying is a huge problem not just with children and youth but also among adults.
I studied on adult education 'till last year and unfortunately saw lots and lots of bullying between adults.

Year ago in May I was almost done with my art and craft instructing studies and I left feedback to the school and wrote about my experiences about the studies and how some of the teachers were very rude to the students. I didn't mention anyone's name and overall my text was very proper.

After I had sent it I was called to speak with the headmaster. She was so incredibly mean, called me names and I got a huge panic attack. I was very shocked by her behavior and next day I sent text to all my fellow students and teachers.

 You know what happened?

Rest of the month most of the teachers started to avoid me and many of my classmates came to tell me how they've had very similar experiences and feelings.

That made me very sad and I left the school because exhaustion and stress  just few weeks before getting the diplomas.

Actually few months after all this happened I contact with a lady that  was one of those girls who bullied me at school all those years ago.
It was good for me to hear all those things what caused her behavior.
I don't know if I can ever forgive but I can try to understand.

Bullying is about fear and jealousy
and it always leaves marks

if not visible then invisible.

If you see bullying or if you get bullied talk about it. 

I accepted all silently as a child but I never do that again.

New art and quite related to everything I just wrote about.
I've had difficult times accepting myself I always tend to find some flaws.

This time I painted my self to my art journal. This will be called "self-portraits as a mermaid". I will post again when it's all colored and done

I rarely paint self-portraits but I thought this might be a good time.

I'll take part on paint party friday

Feel free to join to the campaign and share your stories. 

Much love and light to all my readers