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Finland's Brits in shock over Brexit

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Finland's Brits in shock over Brexit

Britain voted on Thursday to leave the European Union, and now 65 million British citizens are working out what the result means for them. There will be a difficult negotiation over terms of separation, but that might not even start right away—PM David Cameron has resigned and his successor will not be appointed for months.
UK citizens, however, are already making contingency plans. Before the referendum we spoke to several Brits based in Finland about their hopes and fears and, most crucially, how they intended to vote. Originally a supporter of the Leave campaign, Andy Patel actually changed his mind on Brexit after he was interviewed by Yle News before the referendum.
"When you last talked to me, my inner conspiracy theorist had discounted the very idea of the Leave vote happening," said Patel. "So much of the establishment were against it. I figured it just wouldn’t be possible. One way or another, the vote would be close, but it would go to Remain. I get a feeling a lot of people felt that way, too. Perhaps I was indifferent about the whole thing based on the fact that I wasn’t able to vote myself."

"I feel a lot less British right now"

Other Brits were always staunch Remain supporters and are in shock at the result. Chris Moore is head of Growth and Operations at Helsinki startup Sportsetter, and he says that the vote puts further expansion in the UK into the balance—although the falling pound could make operations in Britain cheaper. The main change for him, it seems, is psychological.
"I feel a lot less British right now," writes Chris via email. "I've been away from the UK for five years and lived in Sweden also. I've grown up being a European and mixed with many different Europeans growing up. It's a completely different mindset and openness people have compared to what I've experienced with Brits."
Like others, Moore felt a disconnect from Leave voters—even those in his close family. He echoed a common complaint—that the media had failed to inform voters properly about the choice they were making.
"I was quite disappointed my parents voted to leave the EU, knowing I've been away for so long and will grow our family in Europe," said Moore. "They were more concerned with immigration and having to 'bail out' Italy. Unfortunately they've been misinformed by the media and now will regret that decision."

Identity conflict

Graham Watts, a Scot living in Helsinki, offered another gloomy assessment.
"I consider myself to be Scottish, British, and European, and I feel like all of those identities are now in conflict with each other," writes Watts.
"I honestly cannot see any positive that can be taken from the result: our savings are worth less than they were, my future status as a British citizen in Finland feels uncertain, and the world feels like a bigger, more insular place than it was 2 days ago.  I have Finnish friends in the UK who are also worried about their future status."

Citizenship plans

Cai Weaver was one of the British migrants we interviewed before the referendum, and he was always a staunch supporter of the Remain campaign.
He shared many Brits’ anxiety about their status in Finland, and he plans to do something about it as soon as possible.
"This has substantially accelerated my plans for citizenship, what was a nice idea now seems to be a necessity," says Cai. "I would rather be a citizen of an EU country than of a fading power! I enjoy the benefits of EU membership way too much to want to give them up. The U.K. is no longer a country I would want to move back to. I've built my life in Finland and this is now my home. Let's hope it isn't threatened by this week’s tragic outcome."

Internal Tory fight

There is some anger at the politicians who called the referendum in the first place. David Cameron and the man likely to replace him, Leave campaigner Boris Johnson, both went to the same exclusive, expensive private boarding school along with many other senior figures in the Conservative Party.
"My country has made the wrong decision in a referendum that was held because of internal fights amongst people who come from very privileged backgrounds," said James Mathews, an engineer from Scotland who lives in Espoo with his Russian wife.
Mathews moved to Finland from Russia one year ago because as an EU citizen he was able to move together with his wife. If they had moved to the UK, he says the couple would have had to spend nine months apart while the paperwork was processed.
That option could soon close for future British migrants looking to make a life for themselves in Finland, or elsewhere in the EU.

Britain what you did...

Those of you who have been following my blog for longer time are probably aware that I moved from Finland to Wales last year. Had I know that UK might leave European Union (parliament hasn't yet done their decision). I might not have moved here in the first place.

This debate has been really ugly to follow aside (as an immigrant I can not vote). It's been lasting forever. It is like watching a never ending tennis game. Whole thing started as ego-debate between Cameron and Boris...two conservative politicians. What has followed is country divided into two. Young British versus older people (not all older people voted for leave but majority did). Whole Brexit turned out to be  conservatives to prevent British people not to flee the country. Same way as in America. 

Rise of violence is the most alarming. I'm not shore will I come back in Autumn. So far I've got some nasty comments about my accent to my videos and people telling me I shouldn't make videos in Finnish. (as far as I know YouTube that is owned by Google is still an international company). Both comments are pretty silly considering the fact that I speak 4 languages and that is 3 languages more than many Brits. However the online harassment is minor compared to the harassment some of my friends get who have darker skin (even if they are British). 

Complaining someone speaking any other language than English however is just a model-example of anglo-centrism that has now divided United Kingdom into two. One of the reasons why I moved here in the first place was acceptance and multi-cultural environment. Scotland, Northern Ireland and London wish to remain in EU. I wish to remain in EU. I was surprised by Wales that was clearly divided as well. Especially since Wales has got so much money from European Union for different projects to help people. This fact however hasn't been shared in the news or is something that welsh people don't care about.

I wouldn't even call these news. This is warmongering. I think borders should be watched but it is ludicrous to think that every single immigrant is a terrorist or want's to live with social benefits. Beside if you move to UK if you don't work and don't contribute to the society you don't get any social benefits.

People also seem to forget the fact that in the middle of this debate are the immigrants from EU countries. Not Syrian refugees. Last year from 300 000 refugees that arrived to UK only half of us came from EU countries (like myself). Not to mention maybe this Syrian refugee crisis wouldn't be so large if UK and USA would not have participated bombings. British news unfortunately are very opinionated and not all fact based (like majority of the Finnish news). British press isn't either as liberal as Finnish. The Sun, The Daily Mail..they are all owned by conservatives. Guardian and Independent are more liberal. 

UKIP and Nigel Farage who started the whole Brexit promised money saved from EU bills to NHS and
right after winning he took it back. No wonder so many leave - voter are pissed. 

Majority of my friends voted remain, some voted leave and now regret for believing all the lies. I can't blame them. I can't vote and it's been painful to watch aside what is happening. I don't give a fuck anymore how people voted. This whole Brexit turned out to be a scam. People were fed to believe that they have the power to decide but that is not the case. Health care won't get any money immigration continues. Legal immigrants aren't the ones people should worry it is the illegal immigrants. 

As a Finn I know British who live in Finland and few Finns in the UK. Actually from 3 million immigrants in the UK (including all the students). About 30 000 of them are Finns. In Finland there lives app. 4000 British. People are just gutted the way things are going. I read an interview of British man who lives in Finland with his family. He was extremely disappointed that his British parents voted for leave. No sense or reason. Leaving EU has biggest affect on British who live in other EU countries and us EU immigrants who live in the UK. 

I honestly feel that something very precious has taken away from me. I moved here because UK was safe country for Finns to move. Largely because of European Union. I wanted to practice my English and embrace the multicultural atmosphere. University still welcomes me and all international students. But I'm pretty shore this debate has made UK less attractive for any student to move abroad to study. 

Rise of extremism is foremost a social issue. You can find extremeness groups everywhere. In Finland there's true Finns who don't accept you unless you are white, Finn, straight and Christian. That is racism in it's purest. Fortunately most of the Finns use their brains and see through the lies. I don't care what your religion is, your skin color, or who do you love. All that matters to me is that you are a good person and treat others well. People have compared this situation to Nazi-Germany. Things haven't gone that bad yet bad I see discrimination now more than ever. Even within British arguing who is really British and who isn't. You would think that people would have learned by now that white supremacist doesn't exist. It is just power, money, wealth and sick need to control other people.

I read an interview of one Anglo-Finnish man who hit the nail with it. British can not escape globalization or return to the time when there was less people in the country. Factories in northern England moved to China and other countries. That is happening all over the word. 

 I fully support young British generation who voted for remain. EU was originally founded after WWII as a humanitarian organization to help refugees. It isn't either good or evil. I fully support free movement, nature protection and humanitarian work European Union does and gives opportunities for equal health care and human rights for any EU citizen living in an EU country (I've worked in several EU projects myself) not to mention chances to travel to study or to work abroad. Even when you are traveling outside EU countries you are protected by EU human right laws. When I was in Croatia in 2013 working in animal protection project that was EU funded we actually had several meetings where we discussed about what it means to be European (coming from an EU country or not) can one person has affect on global level (voting and such). In that sense European Union supports people to use their own brains and to be critical. All that is best part in the free movement; meeting and learning from other people and getting familiar with different cultures. That is also the best way to prevent xenophobia. Young British generation is now in danger loosing all this. Chance to live and work in 27 other countries.  I don't support capitalism that EU supports especially what it comes to the richest countries. Capital power within EU going to certain countries that has all it's roots in the history of Europe. Now we live in a global world where everything affects everything. This debate was extremely colored in so many ways and has raised racism. British can't escape globalization. This is just my opinion I believe everyone is entitled to their own. I'm going to do all that is in my power to courage both Finns and Brits to low voting age to 16. Important matter such as this really is more relevant for those who live and embrace this global world where we are living in.

 Just the fact that over 100 000 Brits googled what EU is AFTER voting leave has blown me away. When I was 15 and in school we had a history/sociological knowledge course about EU and unfortunately this whole media-storm that has happened here with people who are now bregretting is just sad proof of people's lack of education. Million's of people thinking that they screw the elite by voting leave and believe it wont affect anything. If you have a chance to vote you don't treat it as a joke! Now we are all screwed. 

This whole debate has been one sick circus. I find it quite amusing that the guy who started the 2nd refendum poll is a brexiteer..Cheers mate! Last time I checked number is around 3,7 million. It is still parliament to decide what happens. That is for shore people won't give up easy.

I love Europe. Different cultures, countries, food, over 400 languages, laughter, love, friendship. I'm European. I think I believe I speak for most us when I say most people want to live in peace. That is why we have these EU laws to protect
human lives, nature and animals. As an immigrant this whole debate and racism feels like slap in the face because I moved here in the hopes for better life. Now it looks like I go back to Finland to think if I want to return here or not. Maybe I move to Scotland which is more open-minded or to Iceland...they don't even have an army there. I believe everyone should have equal rights to live, work, study, love and raise a family wherever they please. I think it's something worth defending. Europe evolves, EU evolves and world evolves constantly.

Yes indeed what has the European convention of human rights ever done to us <3 font="">


I hope you are loved and safe where ever you are.

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Witche's birds: Eagle

I started new series to my YouTube channel about witche's birds. First one is the eagle. In Finnish mythology there are stories of the Thunder Bird the mighty eagle who forecast the arriving of thunder. 

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How to draw a male fairy

Hello blogging world. 
In my new video I'll show how I draw a male fairy

Materials used:
Zig Art&Graphic Twin Marker: color blue
Drawing paper
Light table

Here is the finished Fairy!

Thank you so much for stopping by

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Tinker Bell and the secret of the wings

I recently watched movie Tinker Bell and the secret of the wings. It was second movie about Tinker Bell I've seen. My review on the first Tinker Bell movie can be found here:

Tinker Bell and the secret of the wings appeared in 2012 and it was animated and produced by DisneyToons Studios. In order Tinker Bell and the secret of the wings in fourth movie about Tinker Bell and Tinker Bell movie franchise

Character of Tinker Bell was created by playwriter J.M.Barrie to his famous play Peter Pan. Walt Disney studios made animation about Peter Pan that appeared in 1953. In the movie Peter Pan Tinker Bell doesn't speak but she is very active and comical sidekick. I personally think that Tinker Bell in these Tinker Bell movies is more nicer and approachable than Tinker Bell in Peter Pan.  


Like all the Tinker Bell movies this one starts with narrator introducing the fairy world to the viewer. In Pixie hollow there are areas for all the four seasons. Fairies in the spring, summer and autumn world can come and go as they please but winter fairies can not enter the warm world other wise their wings would melt. Fairies from the warm land can not enter the cold world because their wings might get frozen and break. 

Tinker Bell is helping her fairy friend animal fairy Fawn to get animals enter the winter world. Tinker gets mesmerized by the beauty of the winter world. She can not help herself and soon she is surrounded by snow. Suddenly her wings starts to shimmer and vibrate. She returns to the warm world but can not forget what had happened. She finds a book from the library that tells about shimmering wings. Some of the text has been eaten by worms. She hears that writer of the book mysterious Storyteller lives in the winter world. Soon Tinker Bell sews herself warm winter outfit (that is really cute!) and prepares to return to the winter world.

Tinker travels to winter world as a stowaway. She finds the home of the storyteller but before she gets chance to introduce herself there is someone before her. It is a fairy called Periwinkle. She also has experiences from shimmering wings. Tinker Bell and Periwinkle meet each others and Storyteller takes them to see ice reflections where they can take a look at their past.

Once upon a time in London there was a little baby girl laughing in a cradle. From the laughter there was two fairies born. Other one flew to the warm world in the Pixie Hollow other one to the winter world. Tinker Bell and Periwinkle are sisters! (Kind of...fairies don't have DNA). Girls immediately like each others. Periwinkle is a frost fairy. She takes Tinker Bell to see magical wonders of the winter world. They go sleigh riding ice skating and meet Periwinkles winter fairy friends. When ruler of the winter world Lord Milori founds out that there is fairy from the warm world visiting he becomes mad and Tinker Bell needs to return to the warm world. 

Tinker Bell with her friends build a machine that creates snow so that Periwinkle could come and visit the warm world. Machine works great at the beginning but when it gets broken Periwinkle gets ill and her wings start to melt. Lord Milori takes her back to the winter world. Both Lord Milori and Queen Clarion deny Tinker Bell and Periwinkle to cross the border again. They are former lovers. In the past Lord Milori broke his other wing when he and Clarion used to meet each others in the border. Ever since they stopped seeing each others. In rage Lord Milori tries to destroy the snow making machine but machine wont get broken. Instead it starts to create more and more snow that spreads all over Pixie Hollow.

Fairies notice that they are all in great danger. Biggest concern is the Fairy dust Tree. If tree get's frozen all the fairies are in danger to loose their magic. Tinker Bell remembers Periwinkles talent to create frost that captures warmth inside. She persuades Periwinkle and her friends to save Pixie Hollow. Soon all the winter fairies are there to help. 

Animals and the fairies of the warm world go to look for cover. Winter fairies save the Fairy dust tree and the all Pixie Hollow. Queen Clarion and Lord Milori get back together and all fairies are allowed to visit between the different worlds.

Fairy Sisters

I really like the character designs in these Tinker Bell movies. By their appearance Tinker Bell and Periwinkle aren't very much alike but their nature is quite similar. Both are very curious and clever.

Tinker Bell is good at sewing. I think her winter outfit is adorable. Very much similar to the way winter/Christmas elves are portrayed in English speaking countries (hey I'm from Finland...we have our own elves!). 

Tinker Bell however is very cute wearing her winter outfit and it has similar style like in her iconic green dress.

Periwinkles outfit has the same colors as there are in the winter world. Leggings and tiny skirt made from feathers are nice details.


I didn't have much expectations for this movie because it's a sequel but there was many positive surprises in the movie. I hadn't read any spoilers about the movie so I was genuinely surprised when it turned out that Tinker Bell had a sister. Another surprise was the relationship of Queen Clarion and Lord Milori. In these films Queen Clarion is most of the time portrayed as very reserved character (royal?). I thought it was nice to bring more depth to the character and to revel bit more about her past. 

Level of animation

Level of computer animation in these Tinker Bell movies is superior. The way snow, frost and winter landscapes are animated is just breathtaking. I think this movie will be new addition for my list of films to watch around Christmas time.

One of my favorite scenes is the scene where Tinker Bell enters the winter world the first time and her wings start to shimmer. It is pure magic. Overall animation of the wings is amazing. Every time fairies are flying wings are moving fast. They also reflect the sun rays. Another fun scene is when Tinker Bell meets the nurse fairy and her wings are checked that they aren't frozen. There is a fairy guy who got an accident with a rainbow and he is all colorful and itches all over. Then there is a fairy who is stuck inside snapdragon flower and can't see anything while walking.


I don't think the story in this film was as well written as the story in the first Tinker Bell movie. I do enjoy the details and the diversity of the fairy worlds in these Tinker Bell movies. In this film animals got their winter coats when they entered the winter world. Like Tink Periwinkle also collects missing objects and builds things. They make ice skates for Tinker Bell from paper clips. 

There was lots of new characters in this movie. Lord Milori, Storyteller, Periwinkle and all her friends. I really liked the way Tinker Bell and Periwinkle immediately bond as sisters and they start to look similarities from each others. I recommend this movie to all fans of Tinker Bell, fairies and overall Disney fans who enjoy watching wintry Disney films. I think I'll watch this next time on my winter holiday.

Love, light and fairy dust to all my readers