lauantai 15. syyskuuta 2012

Creative Tuesday and autumnal photos

Good morning everyone:) Sundays are great when there are no obligations. You can sleep as long as you like and paint artjournal in the morning (I'll put pictures from it in the future post).

Creative Tuesdays  has a new theme and that is "birds of a feather". I actually started painting this blue tit for few months ago. I wanted to try new techniques so paper is from and old book and I painted the bird on it with acrylics. Base is black carton.

Kinda amusing.. we've had extremely rainy summer now it is extremely rainy autumn I wonder if it will be a rainy winter also.. Of course I wish for snowy winter.

One more ACEO finished. This one had been laying on my desk.
 Now the treasure guardian is finished and is on sale in my shop

Yesterday I took a walk in the nearby forrest.. Gosh all the berries looks so good.
I think I need to make another trip today and pick some.

Little bridges were all over the forrest.

I was of course inspired by all the warm colors around me.
Few days ago I bought Linda Ravenscroft book "how to draw and paint fairyland".
There were great instructions on leaves and foliage.
Highly recommend. Of course the book had lots of fairies :)

I continue my artjournaling now.
I hope you enjoyed your stay
and come back again

Autumn Blessings for everyone