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Featured Artists of October : Joanna Bromley

Hello blogging world :)

Time for monthly featured artist interview. October Artist is Joanna Bromley.
I adore Joanna's detailed style of illustration and lovely way of using colors.
Let's hear about the artist behind these beautiful artworks.

"Autumn Faery Witch"
7x10 (18x26cm)
Acrylics on watercolours on Lanaquarelle hot pressed paper
(c) Joanna Bromley

Tell us about yourself who you are and what kind of artist you are?

 I am a British self taught artist & illustrator based in Munich, Germany and specialize in the detailed floral, wildlife and whimsical fairy/fantasy art for children and for all children art heart.  My main mediums of use are watercolours and coloured pencils but I also work with  markers and acrylics.
"Magical tunes"
8 x 11
watercolours and colored pencils on hot pressed paper
(c) Joanna Bromley 

How did you started your artistic hobby/career?

I was always drawing, since I watched my mother draw for  me and my brother as little children and have never stopped. In school I was always sketching and doodling, during class, out of it and on my long bus journey home ect. It was always clear that art was my path so I applied to art college in England at The Surry Institute of Art & Design where I studied for my BTEC Diploma in General Art & Design and went on to study Visual Communications. I was introduced to so many art forms it was hard to choose a specific path, so I dabbled in the lot. But drawing and creating visual stories and new worlds is what spoke me the most, even before college, so I concentrated fully on my illustration career. 

"Pink pearl"
5 x7 (13 x 18 cm)
Watercolours, ink, colored pencils and gold powder on hot press paper
(c) Joanna Bromley

What are the things that inspire you?

I always found my inspiration form all story telling sources, starting with my Mum when she read from colourful nursery rhymes and fairy tale books, all the way to reading up on Myth and Folklore from around the world. Movies, music and nature also play an important role in transporting me to other worlds and getting my imagination running wild. I always admired the fantasy/fairy art of Arthur Rackham, Beatrix Potter and any of the English Golden Age Artists and Pre Raphaelites art work.

 "The last candle"
8x 10 (20 x 25 cm)
Watercolours and white acrylic on Lanaquarelle hot pressed paper
(c) Joanna Bromley

Do you have a message in your art?

I don't usually plan on a specific message in my art. I do however like to convey emotions with both use of colour and lots of details. I LOVE details in art work, I find they can suck a viewer into a painting and you always discover more to look at. Being able to do that gives people a visual story to looka t, which they can interpret in any way they wish. When I work on my own art I paint with my heart, so to speak. Depending on my mood or whatever inspired me at the moment, I may use a specific colour, animal or season to sink myself into. If I have comissions, I naturally take note of personal requests, and try to find a happy balance.
 I like to think my very own work transports people into a little happy magical bubble. That childhood memories are brought back and that my work may inspire others as other artists have inspired me.

"Season's change"
8x10 (20x 25cm)
Watercolours and ink on Bristol board
(c) Joanna Bromley

Where can we find your works?

"Spring calling"
9x12 (24x32cm)
watercolours and colored pencils on hot press Lanaquarelle
(c) Joanna Bromley

Thank you so much Joanna for participating to this series of interviews. Much success on your way.

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Fairy wishes

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Fairies and pumpkins

It's officially autumn since I started to make pumpkin carvings.

This weekend I've been baking pumpkin pie and finished some paintings.

Creative Tuesday - Challenge theme this week is "pumpkin pie"
and Inspiration Avenue is words. 

Lately I've been having some interesting conversations with my friends (from Finland and abroad) about languages and favorite words.

I think my favorite Finnish word is "Auringonkehrä" that means "Sun circle". 
I started a new art journal that you can see above and I wrote some of my favorite words there

Puu - Tree
Aurinko - Sun
Näkinkenkä - Sea shell
Kurpitsa - Pumpkin
Nauru - Laughter
Laulu - Song
Kuutamo - Moon
Pilvi - Cloud

What is your favorite word?

"Four of cups"

I finally got to continue with my Fairy Tarot - deck.

Four of Cups. Shows a waterfairy
Four of cup meanings : finding balance, meditation, self-acceptance
model: Ciara

"The Moon"

Moon tarot card has many meanings such imagination, psychic abilities, divination, intuition,
romance and femininity.

Model: Sini 

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